Links 01/07/2010

January 7, 2010
  • In Linus Torvalds world (the guy who invented Linux) Open means that the software is developed through a community process. The source code is visible and modifiable by anyone and is available for free.

    This is called ‘Open Source’.

    Companies may package and bundle the software in new and novel ways, and provide support and services on top for a free.

    The problem with Open Source on the web is that the software itself has less value than the network effects and up-time provided by a branded, hosted experience. Running Twitter.com on open source software, for example, would have very little value because Twitter’s lock-in is not their software, but rather their name space (@chrissaad) and their developer ecosystem all developing software with dependencies on their proprietary API.

    Open Source is useful, interesting and important, but is not what I mean when I talk about the Open Web. I feel like its value is well understood and it is not the first, best way of making our world (and the Internet) a better place – at least not in the same way it once did when client-side software was the primary way we used computers.

    tags: open, standards

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