Links 12/10/2009

December 10, 2009
  • MySpace is a busy place. For example, our users share approximately 35 million public activities and updates per day. As a platform, we’re committed to open standards, and providing rich data, available to the world in real-time.  We’ve made many strides in exposing more data in the last couple months:

    We’ve included access to MySpace content using the latest version of the OpenSocial v0.9 standard.
    Our team developed the MySpace JSL (JavaScript Library), a lightweight library that provides the ability to write to the MySpace Stream from a web application, and retrieve social data using OpenSocial.
    In a series of API stream enhancements, we’ve exposed the ability to read and write comments. We also included semantic concepts from the activitystreams standard (among other changes). All additions are in OpenSocial-compliant extensions.
    Last week we beta launched OpenSocial 0.9 OSML and Data Pipelining, a powerful template system for defining reusable content as “custom tags” and a simple tag-based syntax for accessing data.

    tags: standards

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