Links 12/23/2008

December 23, 2008
  • NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A number of the world’s leading streaming media companies have recently joined together to create a new industry forum called the Internet Media Device Alliance. The IMDA has been formed with the aim of developing and promoting a set of open, interoperable standards and device profiles in order to maximise the growth of a global consumer market in Internet-connected media devices.

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  • In an effort to create a single standard for media streaming over the Internet, five companies Tuesday announced the founding of the Internet Streaming Media Alliance.

    Apple, Cisco, Kasenna, Philips Electronics NV and Sun announced the founding of ISMA in a press release, saying they are joining forces to promote open standards for developing end-to-end media streaming solutions over IP. The founders believe their collaboration will accelerate adoption of open standards and interoperability, while encouraging the development of competitive streaming media software, the release said.

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  • Hi, I’m open
    Open Standards have been a core value that the DataPortability Project has advocated for since its founding, getting to the point where its even been confused as its core mission (it’s not). For us, they are an enabler – and it has always been in our interest to see all of them work together.

    Standards are important because they allow interoperability. For people to be able to access their data from multiple systems, we require systems to be able to easily communicate with each other. Likewise, for people to get value of any data they export from a system, they need to be able to import it – and this can only occur if the data is structured in a way that is compatible with another system

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