Links 10/08/2008

October 8, 2008
  • But the latest filing puts those arguments pretty squarely. If the case ever gets to a trial on the merits, the studios would likely be forced to confront head-on two related questions they have never previously wanted to see litigated. It makes you wonder whether they really thought this thing through before filing their lawsuit against Real. (Note: I’m not dealing here with the largely factual question of whether RealDVD performs a “circumvention” of CSS as defined by the CSS license agreement.)

    tags: standards

  • The suits at IBM are in a snit. According to the Wall Street Journal, the world’s largest computer company is threatening to pull out of certain international standards bodies because it has “become frustrated” by what it views as their “opaque processes and poor decision-making.” IBM’s press release on the subject is somewhat milder in tone, being a tree-hugging, planet-loving paean to the virtues of open standards and, just as important, open standards making processes. Who could object to that? However, beneath the velvet glove there lies a fist of some decidedly more ferrous material. IBM wants everyone to know that if it doesn’t like the quality of certain standards bodies’ work, it will lobby for changes in the way they operate, incite local governments to force them to reform, or even drop out of them altogether.

    tags: standards

  • It takes more than just imagination and hard work to put together a Blu-ray video disc. Outside of the usual authoring mechanics, content owners and publishers must not only make physical production decisions but also contend with numerous legal and financial obligations to the technology, patent, trademark, and other intellectual property holders.

    tags: standards


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