Links 09/25/2008

September 25, 2008
  • Have you ever been vexed to find that the titles, keywords or ratings you painstakingly entered to organize your digital photo collection disappear when you move them from one software (or service) to another?

    Or were you puzzled when the data created when you originally took the photo, such as the exposure, date/time or GPS location end up garbled or missing?

    That’s not surprising, according to Josh Weisberg, director of Microsoft Corp.’s rich media group. Despite prior standardization efforts, interoperability of photo metadata remains dismal.

    “There are several existing standards, but they aren’t talking to each other,” he said.

    tags: standards

  • It’s a boon that digital photos can incorporate textual information, leaving behind some film era complications such as having to separately record a photo’s caption or copyright status. But there are some problems handling this so-called metadata, and now Canon, Adobe Systems, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, and Nokia have banded together to solve some of them.

    The companies have formed the Metatdata Working Group and released a first set of guidelines that attempts to standardize some issues that can crop up as metadata travels from cameras to different computers, software, and Web sites. The group announced its work at the Photokina camera show Wednesday in Germany.

    tags: standards

  • Standards – Intel and Oracle will work with other industry leaders to extend standards that enable portability of virtual machine images, such as the Open Virtual Format (OVF), and to create Web services standards for provisioning and management of cloud-based services.

    tags: standards


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