Links 09/24/2008

September 24, 2008
  • Standards Wiki & Discussion
    Standards Wiki & Discussion

    IBM facilitated an online conversation during the summer of 2008, in which 70 independent, forward-thinking experts across the globe – from academia, standards, law, government and public policy – debated the question of whether standard setting bodies have kept pace with today’s commercial, social, legal and political realities. Actionable suggestions to modernize their processes were offered during the six-week discussion, with an eye toward increasing standards transparency, fairness and quality.

    In this attached file, please find suggestions that were proffered by individuals during the wiki. While they do not necessarily reflect unanimous or consensus views, the thoughtful comments and recommendations illustrate the velocity and impact of this important discussion.

    tags: standards

  • ARMONK, NY–(Marketwire – September 23, 2008) – IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that, effective immediately, it is instituting a new corporate policy that formalizes the company’s behavior when helping to create open technical standards. Such standards enable electronic devices and software programs to interoperate with one another.

    In the globally integrated economy, open technical standards are integral to enabling the delivery of everything from disaster relief services and health care, to business services and consumer entertainment. They enable governments to create economic development platforms and deliver services to their citizens.

    tags: standards

  • Fail and You Hey, does anybody remember Google’s OpenSocial? Come on, it hasn’t even been a year since it was announced. OpenSocial was supposed to unify social network application developers behind one common API. Revolutionary, innovative, all that shit.

    Still nothing? Ah, okay. What about OpenID, the best damned federated authentication scheme the world has ever seen, but nobody in the world can figure out how to use? If not, surely you must have heard of Google Gears. This was the Firefox plug-in that was supposed to establish Google as a first-rate operating system vendor, even before Chrome was supposed to do the exact same thing?

    tags: standards


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