Links 08/12/2008

August 12, 2008
  • But for many executives who compete with Microsoft, the Silverlight strategy recalls a U.S. antitrust case in which Microsoft was found guilty of using its market muscle to stifle competition from the Web.

    By bundling Internet Explorer with the Windows operating system, Microsoft destroyed Netscape Communications, Explorer’s main competitor. But it also incurred the wrath of the U.S. Justice Department and embroiled itself in an antitrust lawsuit.

    Now Microsoft is taking on another rival, Adobe, whose Flash media player is by far the dominant technology for streaming interactive content and video. Adobe, based in San Jose, California, controls roughly 99 percent of the market for streaming software. Windows Media, from Microsoft, and Quicktime, from Apple, trail.

    “Silverlight is obviously mostly about Flash and competing with Adobe,” said John Lilly, chief executive of Mozilla, the developer of the open-source Firefox browser.

    tags: standards

  • There is one standard for digital mobile TV in Europe, as the European Commission decided five months ago. Despite that, service providers are still opting for their own methods instead, and even the EC is already planning an alternate route.

    Even though the European Commission formally decided last March that DVB-H will be the single mobile digital television standard for Europe, private operators charged with the task of determining how to build a business model around DVB-H services may be drawing a blank, and are believed to be considering quitting altogether.

    tags: standards


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