Links 04/05/2008

April 5, 2008

Who needs Kaleidescape? – Media Wonk – Blog on ContentAgenda.com – 1500000150

tags: standards

The DVD-CCA is set to convene again in Los Angeles next week, where attendees presumably will learn whether the studios are still serious about including an anti-Kaleidescape amendment as part of the plan to introduce so-called managed copy for DVDs. For those joining us late, Kaleidescape makes high-end home media servers that let you transfer the contents of DVDs to a hard drive and then stream them over a home network. Although the Kaleidescape system does not circumvent the CSS encryption used on DVDs to prevent copying, and in fact is a CSS licensee, DVD-CCA sued anyway, claiming the CSS license does not permit the creation of permanent copies.

Jan van den Beld: Hypocrisy

tags: standards, ooxml

In the face of this clear statement, groups opposed to ratification of Open XML want to continue their harangue and tear down anyone who doesn’t agree with them. In doing so, they are insulting the thousands of people and entities that worked through this process with care and integrity. They are also fighting against the idea of choice among document formats and international control over this widely used document format.


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